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Genesi Elettronica history begins from the electronics boards manufacturing. Infact, this is the sector in which the company has reached most experience. Our technical staff approach, characterized by flexibility and attention of the customer real situation, has allowed us to face many challenges, during the years, working with different industrial branches. In this page we list some areas where we have achieved successful projects.
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In the wide electronic field for the medical sector, we have reached a remarkable expertise in the electronic boards production for :
Lung ventilators for hospital and home use Anaesthetic devices Hyperbaric chambers
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Among the several projects referring to the radio frequency field, we have completed works in the HF-NFC and UHF areas, in applications such as:

- Accesses control;
- Credit management;
- Containers identification;
- Custom

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It's a vey specific area, which is used in different fields. Meeting our customers requests, we have made electronic boards for :

- Capacitive and mechanical keyboard interfaces;
- Touch screen;
- Applications with graphical interface; Steel keyboards
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Over the years we have realized many projects for the industrial automation. Noteworthy among these there are:

- Detection systems with photocells
- Accesses control through tollbooth and parking bars
- Gloss meters (surfaces lustre indicators)
- Electrical generators controls;
- Control circuits for burners, ovens and the food and beverage sector.
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Our solutions are applicable even in the public area. Our electronic boards, in fact, allow the
operation of:
-Coffe vending machines for Hotels and Bed&Breakfast;
-Vending machines
-Automated Warehouse
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Lastly, we produce LED boards for our illuminators which are functional in the following sectors:

-Vision systems for optical inspections / quality control
-Signaling / industrial installation lighting

Thanks to the achievements efficiency in this sector, was born the success gained by our LED illuminators.

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